Equine Therapy Comes To St Philip’s

Four lucky students at St Philip’s have been given the opportunity to trial equine therapy sessions. Every Wednesday, the students have travelled to Cranleigh in Surrey to see Mickey the horse and find out their task for the week.

The main aims of equine therapy are to develop social skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, to build confidence and manage anxiety. It differs from the horse riding that is offered by the school, as most work in equine therapy is done from the ground so there is no riding involved. The focus is on emotional regulation and students will interact with the horse and carry out specific tasks set by the therapist.

All four students engaged really well with the therapy and clear gains have already been noticed. Activities have included a treasure hunt, teacher / student role play and being the boss. On their final session, the students had the opportunity to exchange tokens that they earnt for items from the ‘shop.’